References and links for Analytic Methods Seminar

Statistics references:
Wikipedia summary of statistics pages:
Wolfram MathWorld:

Learning tools (interactive):
Rice Virtual Lab in statistics (requires Java):
Online unit conversion:

Free and open source program for spreadsheets:
Translation between English and German excel commands:
Energy conversion table in excel:

Octave links:
Octave home page:
XOctave graphical user interface:
Tutorial for Octave:
Another tutorial project for Octave:
Mini introduction to Octave:

Downloads pages for Octave:
Download Octave:
Download XOctave (use latest STABLE release!):
Download Octave packages:

R Links:
Austrian R page:
Tutorial for R:
List of basic manuals (intro, data):
Tutorial for R (nice for plotting):
Plotting in R: