For October 21st: Try figuring out how much energy you use to eat, house yourself and drive per year!
Enter all your data into excel spreadsheets, and bring the files or printouts to class. Please email me with any questions.

Your diet (for a typical day) in kcal, divided into food categories?
What is the energy density in kcal/100 grams of typical foods you eat?

The following websites may help:

Can you estimate your yearly food consumption in GigaJoules (GJ) per year, using the conversion tools below?

What was your yearly or monthly electricity and heating consumption (in kWh or m3 gas or liters heating oil or…)?

What is the fossil fuel percentage of electricity in Austria?

(you can look at other countries and statistics here:

What type of fuel is used for heating? If you’re connected to fernwärme, what does it come from?
How big is your apartment in m2 (roughly), and to what temperature do you heat it in winter (degrees)?

Can you estimate how much electricity you use per year, in GJ?
Can you estimate how much heat you use per year, in GJ?

If you have a car, how many liters gasoline or diesel does it consume in liters per 100 km? How much do you driver it per month (in distance)? Can you translate this into liters of gasoline per year?

Can you estimate how much gasoline you use per year, in GJ?

Unit conversion tools online:
Excel file with conversion factors, calorific values, carbon contents: