Seminar "Energy in human-environment interactions"

Lecturer: Dr. Julia K. Steinberger
Level: undergraduate and graduate seminar

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October 8
Seminar room 5, 5th floor, Schottenfeldg. 29 1070 Wien
October 22
November 19
November 26
December 3
December 17
January 14
January 28

Syllabus (course description):

Titel / Typ / St.: Energy in human-environment interactions, SE, 2 Std., 4 ECTS. uni-klu: 814.512
LV-LeiterIn: Dr. Julia K. Steinberger
Termin: Beginn 08.10.2008 10.00-12.15, weitere Termine Montags jeweils 09.00-12.15: 22.10.08, 19.11., 26.11., 3.12., 17.12.08, 14.1.09 und 28.1.09
Ort: IFF, Schottenfeldgasse 29, 1070 Wien
Info: julia.steinberger (at)
Die Lehrveranstaltung wird auf englisch abgehalten!

Energy plays a key role in human societies and their interaction with the environment. This class provides an introduction to energys diverse functions and the analytic tools used in their study. The class is structured around several themes

What is energy, how do we use it, how do we measure it? An introduction
Energy in our environment: energy on planet earth, energy flows in ecosystems
Energy and the human body: food, fuel & work
Energy and agriculture: energy return on investment, various types of agriculture
Energy and industrial society: energy carriers and energy uses, evolution of useful work and exergy
Energy and the economy: methods, implications of efficiency/intensity, the rebound effect
Energy and society: societal requirements, links with human development
Energy and climate change
Energy policies: various types of demand-side approaches
Energy and sustainable development: a discussion based on the previous material

The goal of this class is to provide the students with an overview of energy as a key component in the interaction between human society and its environment. As a result of this course, the students should be able to integrate considerations of energy into their respective research endeavors

StudentInnen des Masterstudiums Sozial- und Humanökologie, des DoktorandInnenkollegs Soziale Ökologie sowie Studierende anderer Studienrichtungen

Masterstudium ‚Sozial- und Humanökologie’ (Modul 6), DoktorandInnenkolleg Soziale Ökologie, sowie nach Absprache mit der jeweiligen Studienprogrammleitung

Voraussetzung für den Zeugniserwerb:
Participation in the seminar, class presentation, a final short essay based on the literature and seminar inputs

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julia.steinberger (at)